Get to know me meme - [2/5] favourite male characters: Bruce Wayne/ Batman

It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.


When the two men were ten yards apart, the Red Viper stopped and called out, “Have they told you who I am?” The mountain grunted through his breaths. “Some dead man.” He answered, inexorable.

Given the opportunity, what do we do to those who’ve hurt the ones we love?

He told me he’d fuck me bloody with a stick.

We met, you and I. Many years ago. You had just been born.
Our father brought me and my sister Elia with him on a visit to Casterly Rock. My first time away from Dorne. I didn’t like anything about the Rock. Not the food, not the weather, not your accents. Nothing. But the biggest disappointment…you. The whole way from Dorne all anyone talked about was the monster that had been born to Tywin Lannister. A head twice the size of his body, a tail between his legs, claws, one red eye, the privates of both a girl and a boy. When we met your sister, she promised she would show you to us. Every day we would ask. Every day she would say, “Soon.” Then she and your brother took us to your nursery and…she unveiled the freak. Your head was a bit large. Your arms and legs were a bit small, but no claw. No red eye. No tail between your legs. Just a tiny pink cock. We didn’t try to hide our disappointment. “That’s not a monster,” I told Cersei “That’s just a baby.”

Game of Sass | Oberyn Martell

Maisie Williams, Rose Leslie, Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner attend the Game of Thrones Season 3 Seattle Premiere (3.21.13)

"Every time he chanced to see Oberyn Martell the prince asked when the justice would be served.”

"The Red God has his due, sweet girl, and only death may pay for life. This girl took three that were his. This girl must give three in their places. Speak the names, and a man will do the rest."

and the ghost in Harrenhal.